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    Creative Writing Course

    This course is about how you can implement creative writing in Higher Education through Academic Advanced English Learning. It aims to help you and explore how a narrative can be developed into an interesting story, or how the words we use every day can be arranged into a descriptive character. The course should help you encourage yourself to explore and write descriptions that appeal to the senses, arguments that are convincing and narratives that relate ordinary events in an extraordinary way. The course’s aim is to help you notice what makes the texts, creative rather than a collection of ordinary factual information. You will discover how to think creatively and confidently.

    Intended for academic staff!


    BcA. Henni Racik ( English Academy Creative Educator/ Director)

    Henni Racik is a Native Canadian Slovak. She is certified in Lifeology, and is an Academic language educator. Also to mention, an Entrepreneur, and Creative Director of English Academy. Currently, working on her new course, Purpleology. She is the founder and creator of the Velvet Evolution Universe Tour. She has just completed writing her first to be self-published book, entitled, Do you really know who you are? Henni has been teaching Academic English over a decade at corporations in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her courses are unique in her own technical method called, the direct creative communication code. The teachings will give you insight tools into her creative Academic writing.


    19.10.2020 (Monday)

    26.10.2020 (Monday)

    2.11.2020 (Monday)

    Time: 14:00 - 15:00

    Form: online ZOOM (the link will be sent to the registered participants the day before the event)

    If you want to be a participant of this event, please, contact .

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