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    Academic writing

    Do you need to publish scientific papers in English? Do you find yourself getting a native speaker to proofread your papers, only to get comments from reviewers such as “Please get a native speaker to proofread this paper”? Do people not understand what you write? Do you struggle to make complex ideas simple and easy for others to understand? If so, this series of three interactive lectures and workshops is for you. Topics will include the differences between Czech and English scientific writing style, how to structure individual sentences within paragraphs, how to improve the flow of your writing, how to correctly use transitions, and how to analyze your own (or student’s) writing.


    We will discuss what people really mean when they say that your text sounds too complicated, and we will cover how to link individual ideas and sentences together.


    We will discuss how to use transitions, how to decide whether to be passive or active, how to organize paragraphs, and how write in a consistent manner.


    Guided activities will test your ability to apply what we covered in the previous two days. Considering the large number of participants, the instructor will not be able to give feedback to you individually, but will comment on what he sees within the group as a whole.


    James Tufano, M.Sc., Ph.D.

    James Tufano, PhD, is not only a native English speaker whose education spanned across the United States and Australia, but he is also a successful young scientist and academic writing teacher. Specifically, he has been involved with academic writing instruction for over 5 years and laboratory research for over 10 years. By combining his work-related experience with a highly interactive teaching style, his lectures and workshops will not only keep you from falling asleep, but will provide you tools and writing strategies that can improve your written communication skills immediately.

    Intended for academic staff!

    The programme is not intended for individual consultations.

    Registration is cancelled.

    The workshops are cancelled this semester.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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